Mumpreneur ~ Patronising to some, welcomed by others..

Being called a mumpreneur is patronising

So apparently now, it’s not ok to refer to someone as a “mumpreneur”. It is patronising to some women, because they say it implies that their business is just something they do as a little hobby.

Well if your business is something you do to make some extra money, because you want to focus on being a mum first, then what is the problem.

Let’s face facts here. As a mum of young children (I’m going to use the caveat of kids you still need to pick up from school and feed!), you are not viewed in the same way as your childless counterparts in the workplace. If you are working “flexible” hours around your family commitments, then you are essentially asking to be viewed and treated differently. You can’t really have your cake and eat it here.

When I worked in “corporate land”, I had to negotiate slightly different hours as I needed to get my kids to and from school. They also had to be picked up at 6pm, so I simply wasn’t able to stay any later than 5.30pm. In the recruitment industry, if you leave the office at that time, you’re considered unambitious and a jobsworth. FACT.

The phrase mumpreneuer was coined in the 90’s because it was referring to women who were starting businesses that could fit around their commitments as mums.

I am a mumpreneur and proud. Proud because finding the time most days to run my business and still be present for my kids is tough. If someone wants to give me a title that recognises that, bring it on! Either way, it is my CHOICE. I choose to work for myself, from home, online, because it gives me the flexibility I need and allows me the JOY of being a parent as well.

Am I allowed to refer to myself as a “single working mumpreneur” or is that taking it one step too far?

Be a GREAT parent and GREAT at whatever it is that you do in business and that is how people will regard you. AND if there are some women, who choose to start businesses that fit around family life, i.e actually be a “mumpreneur” then more power to them.

Sharon Marie xx

In the interest of transparency, I want to let you know that I occasionally include affiliate links in my posts. I will only include links to products that I have found interesting and useful in my journey and which I believe will be of interest to you on your journey towards a “passive income” lifestyle. If you purchase an item using my affiliate link, I will receive a commission.

How an Uber driver saved me.

Uber App on Phone..

Uber is a great service, period. Yeah I know they’ve been slated in the press for all manner of things, not least for allegedly exploiting their drivers and driving (no pun intended) down fares making it difficult to compete. I’m not here to comment on any of that as I don’t have the facts.

Uber has offered to many of its 2 million drivers (yep, that’s how many there are globally, reportedly) an opportunity to become their own boss and to earn money outside of the conventional 9-5 model. Something you’ll know I’m a big fan of.

Now I am basing the above findings on a very personal experience, a “straw pole” if you like. Let me explain.

In 2016 I had an accident whilst bouldering. I fell and completely ruptured my achilles tendon, making driving impossible and public transport difficult for a good 6 months. During this period I was employed full time as a trainer. The job I was doing didn’t really allow for working at home, so I needed to be in the office every day.

The only way I could get into my place of work was with Uber (thank you Uber!). I was getting two Ubers a day in and out of work and dropping the kids at school on the way in.

The surprising thing was that I always got a different driver, some were more chatty than others, but they were all great. What was interesting was that they all had a unique “story” and many of their stories were inspiring.

I met quite a few entrepreneurs. One guy who was in the middle of opening his own Indian restaurant, another who was setting up a cyber security business, a student who was funding his travels around the world and quite a lot of dad’s who had been working similarly long hours in various manual jobs, for less money, who now had a great opportunity to become their own boss.

Each day the kids and I would wait for our driver with interest and anticipation. One morning, quite early on in the proceedings, one of the drivers I chatted to was starting his own Amazon FBA business. He was quite surprised when I actually knew what it was. We had a great conversation and I bid him a good day thinking I would never see him again.

He was driving an Uber to get the money together to launch his first private label products on Amazon. Whilst I’d been researching “passive income” I’d been reading about the Amazon FBA opportunity myself and seriously considering it. In fact that evening I was registered to attend a free webinar. I’d seen an advert in my Facebook feed a few days earlier and had signed up.

That evening, inspired by my conversation with my Uber driver (and a few glasses of red wine!) instead of leaving the webinar early, I stayed till the end. Not only that, but I got my credit card out and paid $900 for the training.

I have to tell you that when I woke the next morning I was really worried. I’d made the decision to purchase the training programme on an impulse and I was now wishing I hadn’t. Did I have $900 to spare, no!

My feelings of regret were not helped when I spoke to my friends later that day, who all told me to contact the company in question and get my money back as I’d probably been scammed.

The truth is that attitudes like that come from fear. Fear of the unknown. Don’t get me wrong, I too used to feel like that. The internet is full of people making promises and it’s sometimes difficult to filter the information, block out “the noise” and make the right decisions. Of course you should proceed with caution, but I also think that often, we’re actually looking for a reason to “not take action”, as doing what we know seems like a much safer bet.

I say I acted on impulse that day, but up to that point I’d spent hours if not days reading about the Amazon FBA opportunity. I’d watched a ton of free training videos and webinars, but there always seemed to be a bit missing. The truth is that actually paying for that training forced me out of my comfort zone and meant that I had to actually get started. Partly because I needed to earn the money back and partly because I wanted to prove to myself (and the naysayers) that I hadn’t been a complete idiot and wasted my money.

Looking back now, apart from buying my house, that $900 was THE best money I ever spent. Paying for that training is what kick started me into action and onto a new path; a path I could never have imagined would lead me to where I am today.

If like me you’re still on the fence about taking the leap, choosing the laptop lifestyle you so desire, starting that new venture of yours, committing to something, whatever it is, however impossible a dream it seems, in the words of Nike “just do it”.

Yes it’s scary, yes you will be overwhelmed at times, yes your head will hurt with all the new information you’re taking in, and no, it won’t be easy, but you CAN do it.

Russel Brunson, one of my mentors today, has a great saying; “there comes a time, in every entreprenuers journey, when they have to get their wallet out and buy something”.

As an affiliate marketer these days that’s something I’m now pretty used to, as I only recommend products and services that I’ve used and been really happy with.

Well I’m so thankful that I did spend that money $900 and that I had that inspiring conversation with that Uber driver that day. It’s like everything just lined up to put me on this path and I couldn’t be happier.

If you’ve found my blog because you’re looking for a laptop lifestyle then at some point in your journey to being your own boss, you’ll need to get your wallet out. Investing in training is investing in your brand, YOU. Also having to actually spend money will definitely make you work harder to earn it back. I’ve earned that initial investment back many times since starting selling on Amazon and I’d never have done it without that training.

About 8 weeks after starting the training, I had launched my first private label product on Amazon. I had also wanted to go freelance in my coaching business for a long time and getting involved in the Amazon FBA opportunity gave me the extra confidence I needed to finally go for it and leave my job.

The morning I was going in to hand in my notice, which Uber driver do you think picked me up? Yep, you guessed it. I’m not a particularly superstitious person, but I do believe in Karma and seeing that driver again, who had inspired me that morning gave me the final bit of courage I needed.

Since going self employed there have been scary times, but it’s the best decision I ever made.

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Sharon Marie xx

In the interest of transparency, I want to let you know that I occasionally include affiliate links in my posts. I will only include links to products that I have found interesting and useful in my journey and which I believe will be of interest to you on your journey towards a “passive income” lifestyle. If you purchase an item using my affiliate link, I will receive a commission