Mumpreneur ~ Patronising to some, welcomed by others..

Being called a mumpreneur is patronising

So apparently now, it’s not ok to refer to someone as a “mumpreneur”. It is patronising to some women, because they say it implies that their business is just something they do as a little hobby.

Well if your business is something you do to make some extra money, because you want to focus on being a mum first, then what is the problem.

Let’s face facts here. As a mum of young children (I’m going to use the caveat of kids you still need to pick up from school and feed!), you are not viewed in the same way as your childless counterparts in the workplace. If you are working “flexible” hours around your family commitments, then you are essentially asking to be viewed and treated differently. You can’t really have your cake and eat it here.

When I worked in “corporate land”, I had to negotiate slightly different hours as I needed to get my kids to and from school. They also had to be picked up at 6pm, so I simply wasn’t able to stay any later than 5.30pm. In the recruitment industry, if you leave the office at that time, you’re considered unambitious and a jobsworth. FACT.

The phrase mumpreneuer was coined in the 90’s because it was referring to women who were starting businesses that could fit around their commitments as mums.

I am a mumpreneur and proud. Proud because finding the time most days to run my business and still be present for my kids is tough. If someone wants to give me a title that recognises that, bring it on! Either way, it is my CHOICE. I choose to work for myself, from home, online, because it gives me the flexibility I need and allows me the JOY of being a parent as well.

Am I allowed to refer to myself as a “single working mumpreneur” or is that taking it one step too far?

Be a GREAT parent and GREAT at whatever it is that you do in business and that is how people will regard you. AND if there are some women, who choose to start businesses that fit around family life, i.e actually be a “mumpreneur” then more power to them.

Sharon Marie xx

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