How My Love Affair With Digital Marketing Began

I’m sure you’ve seen the quote “Do What You Love, Love What You Do”. Well I’m happy to say that that is how I feel about Digital Marketing. When you find something you love it really doesn’t feel like work at all.

Don’t get me wrong; there are still times (many, many times), when I am pulling my hair out because I can’t get something “technical” to work (who knew I was a techie). It could literally take me a whole morning trying to work something out, but the joy (and yes it is joyful) of puzzling through something and getting it to work and better still get results for yourself and your client is so worth it.

I sometimes think it’s not so much the work itself, but the fact that I’m challenging myself to learn new things (after 20 years working in the recruitment industry) and that the skills I’m using now every day in Facebook Messenger Marketing are actually helping people. Not helping in a way that Teachers or Doctors help people, but helping small businesses to grow; that to me is worthwhile.

I first started learning about digital marketing in general when I set up an online business making and selling pet supplements on Amazon. I needed to promote my own business and as I wasn’t making a lot of money from it at the time, couldn’t afford to pay someone to do it. I had paid people in the past to promote other businesses, with mixed results over the years.

I started to consume every article and webinar and book on the topic of digital marketing. I became particularly interested in Facebook advertising, despite my 13 year old daughter informing me “mum, nobody uses Facebook; it’s not cool”. Well sweet, it’s still the biggest platform on the planet (2.2 billion monthly active users as at 2018!) and lots of people who have their own businesses, still need and use it.

I got to the point where I needed to invest in myself again, so I did what every budding entrepreneur has to do (according to Russell Brunson, entrepreneur & author of DotComSecrets); I got my purse out and paid for some training. That was THE best investment (since buying my house) that I ever made.

Almost five years later and I now focus almost exclusively on Affiliate Marketing & Facebook Messenger (I don’t like referring to myself a “specialist”, although I’m quite good at it!).

Through my business, Bristol Digital, I now get to work with amazing business owners, creating engaging advertising campaigns that actually work and get them new clients.

I really do “love what I do” and I hope you will as well if we ever get the chance to work together.

Thanks for reading

Sharon Marie xx

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